a harley davidson life – who is dennis federspiel?

The Gutter’s who is: series of portrait presentations shows extraordinary individuals in their natural habitat, this month’s pick is Dennis “The Fuzz” Federspiel, a harley-davidson motorcycles enthusiast from Saginaw, Michigan who in his garage had a story to tell.

The retired electrician with 13 grandchildren and half a zoo on his property spends his time on the one thing he loves doing – working on things with wheels. We met Dennis one summer afternoon and listened to stories about his life in the mitten back in the golden days. If you dig the photograph above you can order it as a fine art print in whatever size you like, let us know.

If you like the man’s lifestyle you are in luck, The Gutter and The Fuzz have great things coming your way – follow @thgttr on all your social media to stay up to date.

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