infinite art – who is shane cherwinski?

The Gutter’s who Is: series of portrait presentations shows extraordinary individuals in their natural habitat, this month’s pick is Shane Cherwinski, a tattoo artist from Bay City, Michigan ready to put his stamp on the industry. Shane works out of the well-known tattoo spot voodoo Tattoo, still serving his apprenticeship but already equipped with a solid customer base who admire his neo-traditional design approach, he started to take the road less travelled, to one day be admitted into the tattoo hall of fame.

In our interview we have Shane tell us about all different kind of topics. His heritage and future, influences and outlooks. We watch him tattoo and draw up stencils, but most importantly get a feel of what it’s like choosing tattooing as a career.

If you like the man’s artistry you are in luck, The Gutter and Shane Cherwinski have great things coming your way – follow @thgttr on all your social media to stay up to date.

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