who is: valentina belleza

The Gutter’s who is: series of portrait presentations shows extraordinary individuals in their natural habitat, this month’s pick is valentina belleza, a German model living in Berlin. Starring in multiple music videos, the published model often recognized by her tattoos has been printed on apparel, featured in nationwide advertising campaigns and has also been the face of countless fashion collections. With such a résumé to show it is hard to believe that Valentina is a mere 22 years old, and all by herself, built up a successful life in the German capital. We visited her in one of Berlin’s scene-districts, Prenzlauer Berg, and talked about how life has been treating her.

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an east coast love story

New York City, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. are just a few of the great cities the United States East Coast has to offer. East Coast authenticity and rawness, walking the same streets legends used to walk, honouring their achievements and celebrating how they changed the music industry. The song was produced by wayzwhizz and recording took place at the Ice Age Studios by known engineer Jean-Pierre Masabo. Turn up the volume and enjoy some East Coast goodness.

Film locations include the jackie robinson park in Harlem, the Atlantic shoreline in Atlantic City and the Capitol. Shooting took place over the course of two weeks with hundreds of miles travelled. Stay tuned, because we are already working on a chapter two.

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infinite art – who is shane cherwinski?

The Gutter’s who Is: series of portrait presentations shows extraordinary individuals in their natural habitat, this month’s pick is Shane Cherwinski, a tattoo artist from Bay City, Michigan ready to put his stamp on the industry. Shane works out of the well-known tattoo spot voodoo Tattoo, still serving his apprenticeship but already equipped with a solid customer base who admire his neo-traditional design approach, he started to take the road less travelled, to one day be admitted into the tattoo hall of fame.

In our interview we have Shane tell us about all different kind of topics. His heritage and future, influences and outlooks. We watch him tattoo and draw up stencils, but most importantly get a feel of what it’s like choosing tattooing as a career.

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