shirt review: TSKR “diamond”


There was a lot of moaning when I first brought up “the sexy kids revolution” to the collective. Even though no one knew what I was talking about everybody had the feeling it would be a very German take on whatever the fuck Berlin did to fashion in the past years. I had a hunch of what they where expecting: A capital label trying very hard to mimic an east coast fashion sense but done so poorly that it would be embarrassing to actually wear around Harlem (or even Brooklyn for that matter) yet being hyped into heaven by people who’s fashion horizon hardly expand beyond P&Cs rummage tables. No one wanted to review another pathetic excuse for meaningless fashion, designed by someone for whom the epitome of fashion design is, I don’t know, antlers growing out of baseball bats combined with vacuous, if at all, English adjacent sentences. While Pak got up to get the first dose of chemo therapy he thought we would need after the review, I introduced the TSKR shirts that were up for debate. Incredibly talented Berlin based photographer vitali gelwich shot the inked, unbelievably beautiful Berlin based valentina belleza, and everybody’s jaw dropped to the fucking floor. No one was expecting that. What we were looking at was incredible and not just that, we haven’t seen anything like it before.

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